25 November 2015


Aerials Direct

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Dear Installer,


We (Aerials Direct) have recently engaged with Freeview to lead and administer their national accredited installer network and would like to introduce ourselves to you and consider the opportunity of working together in the future. Clearvision has in the past provided this service to Freeview but will no longer do so effective 15 November.


Aerials Direct has been a primary free to air aerial and satellite installer in the upper central North Island region for the past 15 years, we know and understand the market inside of our geographical range, along with the market cycles pre and post the digital switch over.


The television broadcasting market has continued to change rapidly with new home technologies entering the market frequently. Fibre speed broadband is going to change the game again and we all must be aware of this, understand it, and embrace it if we want to remain in business for another 10 years or more.


Additionally, Freeview (digital) has established itself as "THE" primary viewing platform for all New Zealand homes. This creates a huge market and if channeled correctly will ensure the survival of service providers with technical experience directly associated with this transmission equipment and industry.


Although the content availability on Freeview has been varied and weak at times, the introduction of online content services (via broadband) now provides consumers with a number of improved viewing alternatives and solutions not previously available. The introduction of Freeview Plus provides even more added value for consumers.


Aerials Direct has made a choice to embrace these market changes and look to the future in a positive way, to use our experience and knowledge to deliver a professional and lasting installer related service to our customers, to learn new skills, adopt new technologies and implement these in a well rounded service offering to the market, nationally. With the inclusion of Freeview accreditation we have the ability to improve the national service quality under this umbrella using this to promote the Freeview brand and the quality of installer members associated with it.


Accreditation to a customer generally means that when engaging with a service provider there is a minimum quality level (better than the average) to be expected, which gives the customer comfort and assurance that their service expectation will be met. We will communicate this in a number of ways and will start with a website representation that quality and assurance means just that. www.accreditedinstallers.co.nz


To enable us to provide this quality of service nationally we are looking for like minded professional network members in selected regions who can:


  • see an opportunity and not a problem,

  • take a lead and turn it into a paid job,

  • look for support internally and are open to sharing their experiences,

  • take responsibility for what they do, the services they offer and the business they operate and run.


If you would like to know more and would like to be considered for being part of the Freeview national installer network please reply or call me to register your interest and we will discuss these opportunities further.


Accredited Installers 

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